victorian glossary part 5

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Victorian Glossary, Part 5

the continuation of the glossary…

Jack Ketch: The hangman
Laudanum: A solution of opium in alcohol; widely sold in the 19th century
Love that dares not speak its name: Male homosexuality
Lucifer: A match that could be struck on any rough surface, first manufactured in 1830.
Magnetism (or Animal Magnetism): Hypnotism also called mesmerism after Anton Mesmer
Making Love: Courting or wooing. When a man “makes love” to a woman, he is declaring his affections and trying to persuade her to return them, as his wife (or less formally); he is not expressing himself physically.
Marquees of Queesnbury: A set of rules for boxing as a sport, adopted at the end of the 19th century. Also, the man who lent his name to those rules.
Mews: A building devoted to horses, riding gear, and carriages.
Mind over matter: Psychokinesis
Miss _____: The oldest daughter of the ____ family, indicated by her first name not being used in talking about her.

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