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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Steampunk Halloween suggestions and ideas from Steampunk Costume!

Some outstanding Steampunk Pumpkins… 

If by chance, you have been  a bit behind the curve on your Steampunk Halloween preparations, I would highly suggest a jaunt over the the wonderful Steampunk Costume website, where a plethora of ingenious and creative ideas for one’s costume reside!  Mind you, not every idea will be attainable, as many ensembles take weeks or even months to attain, but one can still spend quite a bit of time researching ideas and inspirations from Steampunk Costume… and being that its Saturday Morning (as of this entry), you’ll have a full weekend to work (or tweak) your attire!  To obtain a bit more inspiration for this coming Monday evening, please visit:



Let me take the opportunity to invite your readers to enter our Steampunk Halloween Costume Photo Contest! Enter your most steampunkest photo and/or vote on your favorites! The winner gets a brand-new Amazon Kindle Fire!

Deadline: 11/05/2011

Gypsea Tree {Steam Spectre}

These are great! So inventive! Something about them reminds me a little of Return to Oz for some reason….


LOL! I actually recall seeing a pre-release of Return to Oz, back in San Fran! I liked the movie, but unfortunately, it was a tad (ok, very) scary for the small charges I took to it (they recut it for a happier storyline and atmosphere).

Mary Jose

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