steamcon iii starting this weekend

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Steamcon III – Starting this weekend!

The Big Weekend is upon us!  One of the most talked about Steampunk conventions, Steamcon III, will be taking place this upcoming weekend, in Bellevue, Washington!  For those fortunate enough to attend, there is a cacophony of events to partake in, such as…

The Airship Awards Banquet (Friday, @ 7pm) – Presenting the second annual Airship awards to the outstanding contributors to the Steampunk genre.

The Amphirite Society Annual Tea (Saturday, @ 2pm) – The exceptionally talented Unwoman will be performing, as well the Bathing Costume Competition (oh, and tea, of course).

The Nautilus Concert (Saturday, @ 9pm) – The soiree will be opened by Miss Unwoman, followed by the exceptional talents of the phenomenal Vagabond Orchestra and the Clockwork Dolls, so it is certainly an event not to be missed!

The Wayfarer’s Bunch (Sunday, @ 11am) – Engage in a discussion of the expanding world of Steampunk, involving differing cultures from around the Victorian age!

With plenty of guests of honor, merchants, an art show, and much more, I would certainly pay a visit to the Steamcon III website, to learn yet more about this seminal event in Steampunk… so close the hatch to your boat and head to:



As much as I enjoy Steam Con, I cant say Im pleased that all four of the listed events require additional fees. To attend all of the notable events would double your ticket price. Compared to other Seattle-area events like PAX, Norwescon, and Sakura Con, Steam Con doesnt feel as good of a value.

Diana Vick

Norwescon charges extra for their banquet. It is not at all unreasonable for us to charge for the events that not everyone would get to enjoy. For the most part they are the catered events except the concert. You would rather have us raise all the membership fees to feed the people who manage to get seats at those events? You will certainly still get your moneys worth if you dont attend those events. There is so much included in your membership fee. The other events you mention just dont have the type of events that we do for the most part. Apples and oranges.