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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Steampunk History: Ladies’ Links

Not only did Prince Albert become the official consort to Queen Victoria in 1839, but has a well-known tobacco “in a can” – quite popular, indeed! (from “NineTeen” Blog)

I had originally interned to post this small article on Valentine’s day, but circumstances forced me to move it to a later date, hence today’s topic. I wanted to focus ladies – but most of those who are associated with Steampunk seem to have a bit of a “wild side” to them! That being the case, I have found a couple of blog that provide historical background to the RL ladies of the time… who were probably more saucy than the current media portray them! Well, off you go, with the first being…

Scandalous Women

Quite an apropos title, Scandalous Women is a long running and popular blog about ladies of the previous century (the 19th Century, so I’m technically incorrect, but “feh“), who chose to live beyond the established norms of the society of the time. Many circumstances are touched upon, some well known (e.g. Emma Hamilton and Horatio Nelson) and others, perhaps not so much (e.g. Rose O’Neal Greenhow, the “Confederate Rose”, an infamous spy during the Civil War). An absolute worthwhile visit, at…

Miss Ninon de Lenclos, an infamous lady who enjoyed the “joie de vivre

Bad Girls Blog

A work of a writer who studied “Bad Girls”, I mention this particular blog for two reasons. First, the “Top Ten” list of historical Bad Girls, the bulk of which are from the later Victorian period (e.g. Steampunk era), which provide insight to some of the views of said ladies of the period.
Secondly, the quasi-historical narrative of “Skittles”, or Miss Catherine “Skittles” Walters, is presented here in a ten-part series. A very good piece of fiction, and the site is well worth the visit. Unfortunately, the author has taken a leave, and started a new blog, called “Good Girls”, which I’m afraid won’t be nearly the same – I believe it is the “Bad Girls” that have all the fun? Nonetheless, to read more, please turn to:

And for a bit of historical background on “Skittles”, please turn to her Wiki, at:

Nine Teen – “Being a Teen in the Nineteenth Century”

I had my trepidations at first, but after reading the depth of this blog (and currently reading), I remain impressed at the depth presented by Misses Doyle and Scott, as they delve into the nuances of the era, from dancing, to eating, courting, amusements, ect… I cannot do a description of this blog justice, but only recommend that a visit here is in order! To do so, please go to:


Breezy Carver

Quite “saucy” and entertaining .. *grins*
indeed Doctor !((well done Sir))

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon

Thank you so much for the mention. I love this site!

Joyce Hanson

Hi, Steampunk Trib. I must say that your comment about my Bad Girl vs. Good Girl blogs was quite prescient! ("Unfortunately, the author has taken a leave, and started a new blog, called "Good Girls", which Im afraid wont be nearly the same – I believe it is the "Bad Girls" that have all the fun?")

Right you are. As it turns out, I could never keep the Good Girl blog going because it just wasnt that much fun so I retired it shortly after introducing it. However, my Bad Girl Blog keeps on ticking, and I continue to post every now and then.

Cheers Joyce H.