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Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Steampunk Librarian’s new location and a website about Muslim Steampunk

View of The Piermont Landing, in Wheatstone Waterways, New Babbage
Doing a bit of clean up with a few blogs and “blog-links” pages, and found I had the old address for the Steampunk Librarian, who had to move her blog due to the closure of Vox.  Popped in to her blog, and located a link to a very interesting website by a Mr. Yakoub Islam, who touches on the intersection of Steampunk and Islam (including a bit on SL Steampunk, as well)!  The Tasneem Project website is a fascinating location that I’m currently working my way through, and would heartily recommend visiting, to garner a different perspective on Steampunk.  I’ll be turning back to it momentarily, but to visit it, please follow the link to:
(Additionally, my thanks to the Steampunk Librarian for finding this gem!  Her new location is at: ).

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Thanks so much for the mention! Im still getting settled in (and trying to fathom how to add a list of other sites to visit, like this one) — sooner or later the dust will settle!