first year celebration and poll results

Monday, May 19, 2008

First year celebration (and poll results)…

Its been one year since my first post, a meger attempt to write a fictional blog that eventually transformed into a SL Steampunk resource (if I may immodest about it). Currently working on a larger article, but it appears that it will have to wait until later this week.

This being said, from the most recent poll results, it looks as if the state of Steampunk activity is quite strong and optimistic, with 95% of all respondants confident that the beloved genre is on the upswing, contrary to the fish-wrapper hacks employed at the New York Times. (Who were the 2 other votes? (lol))! Nonetheless, my gratitude for pushing the Heliograph into not only being one of the most popular SL Steampunk blogs, but one of the most actively read SL blogs! Again – a humble thanks!

Rafael Fabre

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Skusting Dagger

Belated Happy Anniversary, Doc!