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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Steampunk Lifestyles: Siphon Coffee Pot

My original planned blog for this evening, about modded Steampunk weapons, had me being scooped by Mr. Bruce Sterling (/me shakes fist), but if one is going to be scooped on Steampunk, I suppose the author of the Difference Engine would be quite the fellow to be scooped by.

However… a new/old gem is getting set to re-emerge on the coffee scene is the Siphon (or Vacuum) coffee pot.  As one who loves the “devil bean” almost as much as Steampunk, an in-depth article by Mr. Smith, of Stumpjack Coffee, is an outstanding introduction to the device is a welcome discovery!  To read more, please turn to:

… and to visit Stumpjack Coffee, Mr. Smith’s enterprise, please visit:

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