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Monday, March 15, 2010

Steampunk Media: Edison’s 1910 Frankenstein coming to DVD (soon)!

Those who know of my disdain for the (evil) Mr. Edison might be surprised not only to see any of his endeavors here, but the sheer fact that he did produce a cinematographic classic!  I will admit I did not believe the nemesis of the Five Fists of Science had an artistic bent, but his 1910 production of Frankenstein was released, and is in the public domain.  No word on the DVD release date, but then again, one can watch it here…

For more information regarding this first ever production of Frankenstein, please visit the IO9 site for further information, at:

An in-depth article from ABC news is also available, with interesting antectdotes  (such as the actors who made the production hid the studio in the Bronx, so their actor friends would not see them making a production in something so salacious as “moving pictures”), at:

Finally, as it is public domain, there are plenty of ways to download a copy of it, so do take a peek here…

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