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Friday, May 28, 2010

Steampunk Media: “Hark! A Vagrant!”

While I was visiting the New Babbage Ning, I stumbled across the work of a Miss Kate Beaton, the author of an outstanding comic site titled “Hark!  A Vagrant” (via Miss Scarlet Jaggernov – Ty, madam)!  I practically fell off my chair when I read the the above comic, and then proceeded to spend the next hour or so reading her archives of older works!

I really enjoy the juxtaposition of historical commentary and modern social mores (and speech, as one can see in the above, in “The Death of James Cook”).  She does pass the traditional Steampunk / Victorian era (though her latest post has a clever “Victorians” strip), but the entire overview of her work is extraordinary.  Do take a moment (or likely a *lot* longer) to visit her site and indulge in her work, located at:
Edison and Marconi in evil cahoots versus the Noble Tesla! 

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