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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Steampunk Media: San Francisco Streetcar 1905 Ragtime Mix

Experiencing some connection issues today, so I’m posting this little gem by Mr. Pennyfarthing 1893.  He describes it as “the view from a street car from 1905 or 1906”, added Mr. Vernian Process’ Maple Leaf Rag, and one can sit back and see what passed for entertainment in San Fran back in the day – dodging back and forth from the street cars!  Good fun, indeed!
( You’ll be saying “Hey, get that horseless carriage out of the way!  Mister, get of the tracks!”)


Edward Pearse

Obviously filmed before there was consensus on which side of the road you guys should be driving 🙂

Dr. Rafael Fabre

Well, I think both sides of the road are used, even today (based on the drive home, Id say)!