steampunk events this weekend

Friday, October 17, 2008

Steampunk Events this weekend…

This weekend is quite literally chock full of excitement in the Steampunk realms, with two major events taking place…

Steelhead’s Sci Fi Dance (Kokopelli) – Friday, the 17th, starting at 7PM, SLT

Rivet Town Inventor’s Expo (The entire Rivet Town sim) – Running Friday, the 17th to Sunday the 19th (full details outlined in the previous [lengthy] entry)

New Babbage Masquarde Ball (Piermont Landing, Wheatstone Waterways) – Saturday, the 18th, starting at 6PM, SLT

{My apologies for the brevity of this and a few upcoming posts, as I am currently involved with a supplemental project for the Heliograph, which will ideally be ready next week.}

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