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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Steampunk Merchants: Chrononaut Mercantile

With the Christmas season quickly approaching, ideas for outstanding Steampunk items are essential from quality purveyors… and one such merchant with exquisite Steampunk items is a long-time sponsor of the Steampunk Tribune, namely Chrononaut Mercantile!

Taking a trip to Chrononaut Mercantile is always a tempting pleasure, as they have a plenitude of items which easily attract the eye, including iconic Steampunk gifts, such as a stunning pair of goggles (as pictured above)…
… and attire, such as the Adventure’s Vest (shown above).  I do happen to have a penchant for this particular work, as I am quite impressed with the impressive attention to detail show in the small accents (such as the buttoning and trim), so I think it would be safe to say that its is quite a gem, for the lucky fellow (or lady) who is fortunate enough to find this under the tree next weekend!…
Which of course leads to the imporatnt fact – one shopping week (as of this posting), so do expidite your purchase!  To take a longer look at their impressive seleciton, please consider a visit to their webiste, at: