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Friday, March 26, 2010

Steampunk MMO: Remnants of Skystone, a dedicated Steampunk MMO

Screen Shot from Remnants of Skystone

Kongregate, a site that has thousands of free play websites has a new dedicated Steampunk MMO titled “Remnants of Skystone”.  It is an “old school” 2D scrolling game, with the option to specialize in a character class, take part in quests, and even team up for multi-player adventures.

The “Friends” screen, for multiplayer adventures

It has been around a bit in Beta, but officially opened on Monday (and of course, I’m a day late – or four days late to announce it).  Took a peek in it earlier and it can be an addictive little, and it is quite a fun diversion – an excellent way to whittle a mite of time, I’d say!  To give it a try, please turn to:

or to keep up with the developments of the game, read the blog at:

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