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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Steampunk Peterpan and Steampunk, Writing and Publishing

A bit pressed for time, due to some in-world circumstances, but I did wish to point out two things… The Vancouver Film School produces a film each year, as part of their overall effort to hone their artistic skills.  This year, their project was quite unique – a retelling of Peter Pan … a Steampunk Peter Pan!  However, an alumnus of the Vancouver Film School has already reviewed their work… on his Steampunk blog!

Steampunk, Writing and Publishing is the endeavor of Mr. M. Fenger, who aside from being a computer animator, is currently penning a novel (Aetherstorm).  He has been diligently writing, blogging, and more, so do consider a longer visit to his blog, located at:

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Mark Fenger

Hey, thanks for the mention, Im really glad to see so many people visiting my blog lately.

Keep up the good work on the tribune!