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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Steampunk Political Party T-shirts…

T.R.’s classic Bull Moose party!
Ah, when one shuffles through the political braying of the current day, one wishes that perhaps times were simpler, or at least with more inventive political parties, perhaps… fortunately, though some of these entities are long extinct, one can at least fly colors of parties that, if things were different, would have enthusiastically supported Steam (and Steampunk)!
Honest Abe’s 1860 “election t-shirt”
I came across a unique website that sells t-shirts from different presidential races from bygone eras, and was surprised to discover they had an “American Legends” section, with political imagery of candidates of an era long ago!  Retro Campaigns specializes mostly in modern-ish (read from the 1930s to the 1980s), but they do have an (albeit small) selection of t-shirts from the Steampunk era (well, 1840 is a bit early, but that shirt has a great catchline), and are clever enough that the feeble minded will be confused, and those with a bit of education will likely give a small chuckle, if not more!  To get a better view of these classics, please turn to:


Unlacing the Victorians

Thanks for posting! Will definitely check out the t-shirts offered on the Retro Campaigns website.

And love "Tippecanoe and Tyler Too!"


My pleasure!