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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Steampunk Softies!

I have nothing but tribulations from my email as of late, with a number of items being shunted to the spam filter, being stuck with the likes of lotto winnings from overseas and contacts from West African bureaucrat about funds stuck in bank accounts.  One of aforementioned gems which was mis-directed is an excellent work from Ms. S. Skeate and Ms. N. Teadman, titled “Steampunk Softies: Scientifically Minded Dolls From A Past That Never Was“.  The book is comprised of not only characters (one can see the “Doctor” on the front left of the book”), but instructions on how to construct said plushy characters!  As it was described in a small narrative…

“Steampunk Softies features eight original designs for steampunk characters that incorporate science fiction and fantasy elements as well as anachronistic inventions and props. Each softie is accompanied by a biography that gives crafters the background story for each steampunk character, and many have dual roles that add practicality to their punk existencesuch as a cloak that functions as a screen cleaner.”

As on can see on the Amazon website (where one can easily obtain a copy of the publication), the directions are simple enough for a craft-deficient fellow to produce a high quality icon – which would be the envy of your Steampunk compatriots!  To learn more, or even perhaps obtain a copy, do feel free to visit their site, at…


Breezy Carver

Ohhh !!!!!


This is adorable! As a big crafter myself, I will definitely be looking up this book. Thanks for sharing!


Outstanding ladies – glad you like it! 🙂