steampunk tarot and system update

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Steampunk Tarot (…and system update information)

A set of Victorian Tarot Cards…
The other day, my good friend Miss Bamika Easterman brought to my attention the hard work of a pair of Caledonian ladies (a Miss Alana Steamweaver and a Miss Kitsuko Pelazzi) who were busy devising a Steampunk Tarot. A unique goal, and Miss Easterman has written on it in more detail at her blog, Patent Pending ( Do pay it a visit, and see in person this unique accessory to the “here-after” (SLurl included)!
(ed note: the above image is from Z-Brush, for illustrative purposes only!)
As an additional note, I have made a few changes to the blog, including updating the link list (removing some older blogs and adding a few newer ones (or simply ones I had failed to add in the past), including “The Backpacking Burro”, “Virtual Mitote”, and”The Virtual Underworld”), added a “Victorian Resources” section (even though Steampunk is Steampunk, its roots are from the Victorian Era), and finally, as one may have noted, a new header. If one has civil suggestions on how the blog might be improved, simply leave a comment or contact me at rafael_fabre [at] yahoo [dot] com! Thank you!

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