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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Steampunk Travelogue – The Hammerwielder Main Store

The exterior of the Hammerwielder main store
During my travels, I have come across numerous locales that I wish to write about at a later date, but alas, forget to do so, or the project simply falls to the wayside. One locale that I visited in my first round in New Babbage (during my search for domiciles) was a sim belonging to a gentleman name Mr. Calixus Voom, the owner of the Steampunk enterprise name “The Hammerwielder“.
Quite nice detail on the detail of the cog’s spokes
At one point, I believe he had a full sim, but I believe circumstances dictated a consolidation, and his business moved to the mainland. Still, he has carved out and made a small Steampunk oasis among the uninitiated, and has done so with typical Teutonic panache!
The main entrance to the cog… one receives the red carpet treatment upon arrival!
His giant store stands out among the disparate mainland items, a proverbial cog embedded into the mainland sim, demanding a visit… and as such, I decided to visit!

The main teleporter hub has quick transport to the disparate parts of build, each with a different selection of products.
The interior is quite well done, but the only issue (by virtue of the store’s design) is the necessity to use a teleporter to reach the different display areas. Even so, travelling among the different offerings is nary an issue, and the selection of items being quite uniquely Steampunk, fitting into almost any Steampunk locale.
There is even a modified version of its edifice (not quite as tall as the main store, if I am not mistaken)
Do take an opportunity to to visit this impressive emporium, and enjoy its surrounding! To do so, please turn to:

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