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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Steampunk Travelogue: Legacies 1891

The last few weeks have been a tad hectic in RL, but I finally had an opportunity to do a bit of exploring in SL again, looking for new locales for the Steampunk Travelogue.  I took a proverbial “roll-of-the-dice”, and looked over the “SL recommended” section for RP environments, to see what was brewing.  As I perused the listings, a sim name caught my eye, one titled “Legacies 1891”, describing itself as “A beautiful, dark, universe” I figured I would pay a visit, not quite knowing what to expect upon arrival.  What I discovered was quite exceptional.

The introductory machima for Legacies 1891

Legacies 1891 differs from many of the established Steamlands in Second Life insofar that it is heavily focused on Neo-Victorian Role Play.  There are some limited Steampunk elements, but the basis of its existence is a Gothic-type of role play, with a variety of other influences shading its interactions.  There is some “magic”, but I will save that for a later.

The three information columns are numbered  at the Arrival Point – simply choose them in order (further assistance is provided by the Legacies Greeters, such as Miss D. Blessed)

Entering Legacies requires that one be “age verified” – which can be a relatively rapid process to address (as I needed to complete), and I’ve attached the link to navigate this endeavor.

A shopping area is directly off to the side of the arrival area,
in case one wishes to make a few era-specific purchases

The actual arrival at Legacies 1891 places one in a central landing point, far above the sim itself, and as fair warning, takes a bit of time to complete.  There are a series of stations one needs to attend to (e.g. read the detailed “General Information” note cards) prior to proceeding into the main Legacies sim.  Though most individuals who are familiar with role play in RL or SL will be familiar with the topics presented, they are certainly worth mentioning.  Starting with some basic rules (e.g. Follow the SL TOS, Dealing with “OOC Drama”, What “God-Modding is” and why it is not allowed), it is followed by some specific rules (e.g. RP locations, use of “OOC” communications vs. RP communication).  It can a bit frustrating at first, as you’ll be “chomping at the bit” to start exploring, but there are two more things to address prior to departing.

Atmospheric shot in the Isle of Legacies sim

First, the use of a LaRPS meter.  This device is used to provide a quantative limitation to interaction (e.g. prevents “God-Modding”, where the outcome of a situation always favors one person).  The meter essentially provides the “die roll” function of old-fashion RP games.  (I haven’t used it as of yet, but the description seems fairly straightforward).  There is an in-depth description of its use at:

Visiting the Beyond Darkness sim of Legacies 
(Ah, during the day, that is)

Second, the LaRPS HUD provides basic stats on your Legacy 1891 character.  When attached while in one of the Legacies’ sims, you’ll be directed to an associated LaRPS page, where you’ll be asked to enter some “stats” on your “character”.  You will asked a variety of questions, including your character’s name profession, race, and so on.  Depending on your choice of “race”, you’ll have additional points to disperse among a list of stats, which will work in conjunction with your HUD.

The TP leading to the start of your time in Legacies 1891
(simply touch the green emerald to begin!)

This may sound like a good amount of work, but there is almost always a Legacies Greeter on-station, quite friendly and willing to assist with any questions one might have regarding the set-up process.  In reality, after reading and understanding the rules, and attaching the meter, one can proceeding on to the sim.

An excellent place to begin exploring Legacies!

When continuing on to the TP room (which will allow you to proceed onto the sim), there is a “Things to do in Legacies”, which allow you to improve the “character stats” on LaRPS by completing the tasks listed (e.g. “the Spilled Blood”, the “Cab Ride”), which allow one to become better aquatinted with Legacies 1891.

City view overlooking Vamporium and Isle of Legacies

Well, that it for now – the next portion of the Steampunk Travelogue: Legacies 1891 will continue with an over-view of the sims.  For more details on Legacies 1891, please do visit their website, at:

I could *really* get more reading accomplished, if these damnable books
would stop flying around (and hitting my noggin)!

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