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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Steampunk Travelogue: The Taj

An aerial view of the White Taj…
One of the pleasures of exploration in Second Life is finding those rare gems that catch one’s eye and provides a unique experience past the first impression. One of these idyllic locales is the Taj, better know as the diametric descriptions of the White Taj and the Black Taj.

… and the Black Taj, with a bit of the interconnecting bridge between the two.
This is an impressive build, located upon two sims, each housing one of the two structures, connected by a well-designed bridge. In fact, most Babbagers will recognize details of the build, as the entire locale was designed by Miss Jenne Dibou, the brilliant builder who designed the New Babbage Palisade (and Clockhaven) walls.
The Arrival point to the White Taj – with a full gamut of places to explore!
Miss Dibou specializes in using sculpties in her constructions and edifices and has been able to introduce an impressive amount of architectural detail into her work. Additionally, the thematic confluence of Indian culture and Steampunk (yes, there is an airship involved) is unique to the SL Steampunk/Victorian experience.
The aformentioned airship, providing a spectular and lenghty tour of the White and Black Taj
Off just a bit from the arrival point, is a small platform which provides an efficient airship to explore the sim and indulge in its spectular beauty. Simply touch the platform, and you’ll be whisked away via Steampunk air transport!
Another nice view of the White Taj!

A word of warning – the build is extensive, and there are plenty of small nooks and crannies to explore – when I visited it with my dear friend Miss Carver, we spent quite a bit of time seeing the sights from the build, but later expeditions led to the discovery of hidden coves (via boat – provided on the sim), hidden passages, and a very nice dance platform (to the left of the White Taj), and a very nice aero-platform, which takes a bit of work to find the entrance to, but worth the effort!
Heading off to the Black Taj – and further mysteries located in the northern sibling of the southern Taj!
I have purposely left the Black Taj off the extensive descriptions (to encourage one to pay it a visit – lol), but it has just as many intriguing locations buried in it – along with one of the few stores in SL selling native Indian attire.
Exploring the halls of the White Taj

As one may have noticed, I am quite smitten with this locale, and do highly recommend it for a visit. Not only is it breathtakingly well done, but certainly fits into the Victorian/Steampunk era for visits/escapades to “a far away land”, but remaining within the genre.
A dance platform on the lower level of the White Taj
To pay the White Taj a visit (followed by the Black Taj, of course), please follow this SLurl…

Enjoying a midnight dance with Miss Carver
To learn more about Miss Dibou’s works, please turn to her blog page
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