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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Steampunk Travelouge: Airship Caravan

Airship Caravan

Came across a very unique Steampunk build today, a different concept by a different culture. Airship Caravan is a stunning build consisting of a series of airships tethered to each other in the sky, comprising of residential and commercial properties.

Initial TP arrival point

Its owner is Japanese, and though I have attempted to make initial contact with him/her, I foresee that it will be a challenge to find out more on Airship Caravan in this manner, so Ill work with what I have.

Walk through the corridor…

The initial tp arrival point is a circular metal deck, that leads into the main ship directly ahead. Upon passing through a corridor, one finds a park, with pools (a challenge to get out of when you fall in), columns of light, planted trees, and benches to relax upon (no built in poses on those benches, however).

… and a small piece of nature, artificially enhanced, awaits

Continuing forward, the helm is quite interesting, as it includes three columns with (decorative) controls: One navigational, one with a giant telescope, and one with the Ships wheel along with two grouping of gages.

Tapping the gages on the ship’s helm

As I wandered about on the rope walkways, I noticed a good number of vacancies here, along with ads for rental opportunities in the sim. Im gathering that the build is still in its infancy, due to the number of empty locations, and it appears that majority number of its residents are Japanese themselves.

Flying dolphin or Flying Crescent anyone?

Not exactly sure about the adherence to the Steampunk genre, as there is a lot of neon and what appears to be electronics and holograms, but there is a good bit of traditional gear work (not much steam, unfortunately). Additionally, the twist put on the tech (i.e. mechanical flying dolphins, metal moons that one can also fly), add a refreshing change to the typical Steampunk flavor.

One of *many* flying adverts – at least they’re upfront!

Unfortunately, the prices charged for rentals seems a bit high, leading to a bit of apprehension about the future prospects of the sim. Nonetheless, it is beautiful, and by all means one should at least visit the Airship Caravan.

Inside the bowles of the factory ship!


An addendum…
The SLurl for this locale is:


Ilsa Munro

It looks fascinating but I didn’t see a SLURL, did I miss it?

Dr. Rafael Fabre

No, I’m afraid you didn’t miss it – I was deliquent in adding it! However, it is now posted for your visiting pleasure!


for the tessla fans, you should know this:

Nikola Tesla displayed his neon lights at the World’s Columbian Exposition in 1893. His innovations in this type of light emission were not regularly patented. Georges Claude invented a neon lamp in 1902, and displayed it in public in 1910.


I think professor Jefferson Gould was first to use neon in a steampunk setting in second life, he made the nixie tubes you see on my typer I sometimes use. Neon, like other tessla inventions are very nice in steampunk when used in moderation, however proliferation will lead to regulation, at least in sims like mine.