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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Steampunk University – A real world class in Steampunk Sculpture!

The Professor, melting silver solder to be poured into a mold

A unique Steampunk endeavor is underway at Austin Peay University, one of which I’d say the likes of which have not been attempted before!  A class in Steampunk Sculpture, taught by Professor Mitchell (the Adjudnct Steampunk Professor), is well underway, and it is producing works of art!  This new course, as reported by Miss Christine Piesyk from the Clarksville Business & Heritage, is an excellent overview of the class, which is currently half way through its program of instruction.

Steampunk Dragonflies from the Steampunk Sculpture program, 
by Miss Tanyalyn Wygant

I actually learned of the Steampunk Sculpture program a bit earlier from one of Professor Mikewindy’s students, a Mr. Bobby King, who alerted me to the endeavor.  With his kind assistance, I had the opportunity to discourse with the good professor a tad regarding his course, when the Business & Heritage article was released!

A diligent Steampunk crafts-person hard at work!

Fortunately, her presence on the locale provided an in-depth insight into the class’ work, along with a plethora of outstanding photos of Steampunk art being constructed!  I have every intention of extrapolating the further success of this enterprise, including the exposition of the artist’s works on July 6th, but for more details, please do visit Miss Piesyk’s excellent article on this novel opportunity, at:

The original class flyer!

…. or feel free to follow the class via Facebook, at:

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