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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Steampunk Travelogue: Device Shoppes

Skyship on display (along with other vehicles) at Steamforge

One of the nuances of Steampunk are the clever devices that stand out in the “regular” second life realm (or even rl realm) as being of antiquated but unexplainable (or just unique) technology. Having small items that non-steampunk denizens see being used and hear the admiring comments such as “My, that is unique! It serves a modern purpose, but looks as if it was from an earlier time!” are always a pleasure to experience.

Ordinal Enterprises – a Caledon landmark (above – a view of her store)
I do have a few that I commonly use, and felt that at least mentioning them (or the stores I procured them from), might be of interest to anyone seeking new things to experiment and enjoy. Keep in mind, I try not to promote commercial enterprises, as this is better left to the individual proprietors, but as with every rule, there are exceptions (as this is). Seeing Steampunk items on those who follow the genre is always a joy, almost a kind of subtle “tip of the hat” to each other either in a Victorian sim, or especially in a non-Victorian area (e.g. the rest of SL).

Gaslights Emporium (Port Babbage)
Down the street from my small enterprise and domicile, exists Gaslights Emporium, the mens haberdasher I frequent during my walks in the Port. Although I purchase a good number of clothing items from here, one of my most recent addictions has been canes, especially clever ones! I have a collection of them, and usually add one a month (I have one more to go!) The most popular one Ive seen about it the “Gaslight Cane”, which is of course, a cane, but has a gas lamp built into it. The gas lamp emits light, either a bright or dim illumination, which is very convenient if you find yourself trying to navigate at night.

A wide selection of canes at Gaslights Emporium
A number of other canes are available, so if you tire of the gas lamp cane, the hydraulic cane or a walking cane make for a smart alternative choice.

More useful items for any Steampunk fellow or lady
A good number of other items are available (e.g. guns, steampunk mechanical body replacements, submersibles), so a visit may be worth your while to the Gaslights Emporium. Additionally, Mr. Vincente Shepherd has a website for his endeavor, at

Submersibles & enhanced body parts are also available!

Steamforge Complex
I discovered Steamforge while I was writing about Solarya, and was quite impressed with their work (the proprietor works with a clothes designer, Unzipped, to provide clothes to match his mechanical devices). One item in specific, stood out, the unique Steampunk hat, which had gears that turned, built in lighting (for those darkened sims), but best of all, an analog clock on its front, that read SL time! Needless to say, I purchased it, and was extremely satisfied. However, one item followed another, and I ended up with a complete steampunk “adventurer” outfit.

My new favorite chapeau – with SL time!

Well done backpack for expeditions, and fortunately modifiable!
The knee additions have working gears, and the backpack is quite nice, although Ill be changing the paw to a cog soon enough! Speaking of which, they also had a clever “Steampunk Neko” combination “rusted” ears and paws quite well done (they have a fairly large neko selection, I might add).

The wide selection of items at Steamforge
Visiting their main location provides access to the larger selection of their goods, including some of the fascinating vehicles, and a well-done airship (and the mechanical fellow parked in the center of the lawn).

A friendly giant waiting to help you!
Ordinal Enterprises (Caledon I)
The first place I had seen items that announced “Steampunk” upon my arrival to Caledon, Ordinal Enterprises holds a bevy of clever, entertaining, and (after looking at the photo again) well-armed items. Her store is one of the oldest standard bearers of the genre, and contains products that are continually in demand, from her standard developments (the Beehive Launcher and Derringer) to the newest items (the Galvonic Swordstick and her delicious “Festive Humbugs” all the rage in Caledon and Babbage this past holiday season).

Inside her store, with a plethora of armaments (and other items)
Additionally, she provides a tour of Caledon via her airship, and additional bonus after one finishes shopping her wares and enjoys a visit of her dock overlooking Skysteam City. A must visit for any Steampunkesque individual! To learn more about her products, please head to her website:
Enjoying the view from the back dock, looking out to Southern Caledon


Skusting Dagger

Indeed, quite the assortment of astounding goods to be had. And just last night, discovered at Gaslights Emporium, is what I do believe to be Mr. Sheperd’s first foray into ladies finery!
Splendidly done, I might add.

Dr. Rafael Fabre

Indeed – I am quickly have to bypass his enterprise, at the risk of it draining my Linden account – perish the thought if Artesia discovers this tidbit of information *sigh*!

Elfod Nemeth

Ah, I wasn’t aware of Steamforge, I shall go have a thorough perusal this evening, thanks for the tip 🙂

Gaslights emporium is definitely one of my favorite stores, I think I’ve almost bought every item of clothing there.

Eladrienne Laval

I love love LOVE SteamForge! A friend intro’d me to it the other day and I wanted to keep it as a secret all to myself. All the gents I know love Gaslights and I have always loved Ordinal items. My Lindens are leaving me at a frightening pace! *laughs*

Eladrienne Laval

Oh, and you are quite right about wearing something steampunk out in the world…it is quite like “Oh! You too!”

Dr. Rafael Fabre

@ Elfod Nemeth – Glad the location was helpful, Steamforge is quite nice. Additionally, I share your pain with Gaslights, I’m well on my way to draining my account at the locale.
@ Mlle Laval – Sorry for exposing your confidence about Steamforge, but I believe that it is in the process of growing, so each visit (for the near future) should be more intriguing, and new products seem to be added frequently.