lost episode trailer for screw on head

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The lost episode trailer for Screw On Head!

It must have been the lucky fedora I purchased over the weekend, because when I discovered these artifacts, I was agog!  Apparently back in 2005 (an antiquity in Steampunk years), the talented Mr. Filmgeek produced a short in tribute to the original pilot of Screw-On Head, perhaps one of the greatest Steampunk series that was never picked up.  (Apparently “SyFy” prefers poor quality mutant monsters to be the pinnicale of science fiction, vice a gem such as this).  Still, Mr. Filmgeek produced an outstanding work – alas, it was the introduction, and was never completed, but his work was outstanding… and perhaps someday it will be finished…

For the time being, the above portions will have to suffice.  However, for “old time’s sake”, I’ve attached the original pilot for Screw-On Head, so one can see it in its original glory!  Do enjoy!



I was so excited the day I discovered the Screw-On Head pilot because it was AMAZING. And then that followed with massive irritation when I learned it never got picked up and theres only one episode!! Also, best voice cast ever. Just saying.


Should this show ever be produced Im sure I would not be the only person to have a joygasm!!!