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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Steampunk Travelogue – Metaversal’s Opening, a Business Meeting, and dropping by New Toulouse

Arriving early means plenty of seats (lol)!

(Meterversal Arts Isle) – I started the weekend with a trip to the grand opening of Meterversal Isle, and enjoyed the fine musical entertainment provided by Lady Acifer.

Admiring the water features on display/sale

There is quite a selection of furniture and accessories that work quite well with the Victorian and Steampunk genre at Metaversal Arts. If you happen to be insearch of quality furniture with prim efficiency, ensure you visit Metaversal!

Miss Hirvi’s furniture are a superb compliment to any gentleman’s study

——— ———-

(Caledon Penzance) – The owner of Prim & Proper and the Connolly Telegraph held a gathering of interested parties to announce and lay the groundwork for a new in-world magazine that will focus on the expanding world of Steampunk and Victoriana. It is expected to include news, events, and developments regarding historical sims (between 1740 and 1920) in SL, and appears to have much promise. A vivid discussion was held regarding the future plans for such an endvor, and I shall keep the readers of this blog posted as to the developments about said publication.

———- ———-

Mr. Carver amusingly observes Mr. Dagger sweating under the spell of Mama Cree’s gumbo (hehe)!

(New Toulouse) – After a busy day of being inworld, I stopped by Mama Cree’s for a little get together she held. I must say, for a Sunday afternoon, it was fairly busy, and I did have quite a good time!

Mr. Trenton dances with a lady friend – by the looks of him, I guess he just got off the boat!

Mr. Dagger simply cannot put down the gumbo… right beside him, Miss Wind (Mama Cree) dances away (as I eye the beverages… perhaps just one sip….)

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