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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Steampunk Travelogue: Steamworks

The arrival point in Steamworks, a very Steampunkish welcome!

During my many excursions about SL as I seek out new Steampunk and Victorian locales, I happened upon a new sim, still being built, of which had intended to return at some point in time. Time passed and it slipped from my frontal lobe, but fortunately I was contacted by Mr. Eduard Korhones, its proprietor, who mentioned that he had finished his construction and graciously offered me a tour. Inevitably, RL intruded on my projected visit, but I did return Steamworks at a later point, to see how much changed from my last visit.
A trio of well-known Caledonian merchants who have taken residence in Steamworks
Steamworks, I would say, is notable for two distinct reasons. First, it is a specifically a mercantile district that specializes in Steampunk and Victorian goods (there are some Gothic items, but Id simply put them in an “early Victorian” category lol)! Secondly, Steamworks, the club, is built quite closely to the genre, but laid out in a very well designed way, but more on that later.

An overview of the sim in the evening
The lay of the land is circular, with stores lining the outer ring, and its entertainment center, well, in the center. I must admit, there are many stores that I am familiar with that are located there, and a number of which have either never left their Victorian environs, or their original sites, to my knowledge (e.g. Bare Rose). One nice aspect is all the products are, in one way or another, related to Steampunk, be it clothes (gentlemen & ladies), literature (Violet Petals), or simply impressive Steampunk gadgets (with a new favorite store of mine to be covered [in a later article, of course]).
Inside of the Steamworks club, with its Tesla coils at full power!
After dreading how many lindens will fly from my possession once my dear partner learns of this location and its stores, I decided to visit the center, Steamworks. One is greeted by giant Tesla coils upon entering, emitting soothing bolts of electricity from around the DJs station. Behind which is a Stream radio board, listing the music selection being played, a nice touch, in addition to the dual gramophones.
The intimate side lounge, with pillows, fireplace, and privacy curtains
The dance floor is an intimate affair, and a stage is located on the other end, which I assume is for specific performances. To the side of the DJ booth is a small lounge, where one can relax away from the main floor in front of a (warm) fire. If one goes up the stairs, the upper floor is divided into two sections, a seating area (by a second fireplace), and a bar, with a nice choice of cuban cigars (hard to refuse)!
The upstaris bar and smoking lounge
I left Steamworks quite impressed with the design, selection of merchants, and a centralized location where one can enjoy the atmosphere of Steampunk in an intimate environment. I have yet to contact Mr. Korhones about the schedule he has for Steamworks, but as soon as it is available, I will post it.
Amusing myself in the DJ booth (when no one is watching!)


Brangus Weir

Interesting post.
I am goign to have to spend more time looking at this steam punk stuff. But this week I need to re-configure BWR’s music index!

Skusting Dagger

Do be careful of those magnificent chairs to the side of the dance floor. They are much too comfortable, and you will find yourself dozing with great speed!