inaugurational ball in rivet town

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Inaugurational Ball in Rivet Town

A rapidly growing Steampunk sim, Rivet Town, is holding its Inaugurational Ball this weekend, with one session starting on Friday the 12th, at (about) 6-7 SLT for State-side citizens, and a second on Saturday the 13th, at (about) 11-12 SLT for European citizens.

Taking a constitutional in Rivet Town

I have been a bit pre-occupied as of late on other SL projects, but have been keeping an eye on Rivet Town’s progress. Their focus on Steampunk Roleplay is quickly gaining… steam… and along with a finely crafted Steampunk sim, it appears that its popularity is increasing dramatically.

An evening view in Rivet Town (the East Side, I believe)

For further updates on Rivet Town (which is a good idea, as almost something happens daily), join Rivet Town’s group, and do read its in-world periodical, the Rivet Town Herald.


Hotspur O’Toole

Rivet Town does look promising. Do they have a Ning, do ye know?


Dr. Rafael Fabre

No, it doesn’t appear they have a ning, unfortunatly. Also, their in-world paper viewed by joining the group, so unless you join it (or read about it in some “fishwrapper”, e.g. this blog), there isn’t much promotion of its events. A bit sad, as they have really taken a pro-active stance to Steampunk RP in-world (e.g. the ball is for their recent election).
It will be intersting to see how Rivet town continues…