taking musical recordings back to wax

Friday, May 20, 2011

Taking musical recordings… back to wax!

With the bounty of technology most indulge in today, one can become a bit forgetful of traditional means of working endeavors.  One such project is being headed by a Mr. Thomas Negovan, an orchestra director and performer, is busy reproducing music not on digital medium, but on analog mediums – wax!  As originally performed by Mr. Thomas Edison (yes, the nemesis of the Five Fists of Science), Mr. Negovan is working to perform the first professional “on-cylinder” recording in almost 100 years.  The Kick-starter narrative is very enlightening – I hadn’t realized that to make the recording, the physical force of the wind from the guitar and the voice of the performer are used to have the sapphire cut into the wax for the recording itself!  Please do pay a visit to this unique and intriguing by visiting its Kickstarter location – I’m certain you’ll be impressed!  (its right here:  http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/337503446/2011-cylinder-record-to-tape-to-vinyl-all-analog-r )!
(a tip of the hat to Mr. Jack, at GuildCentury.net for the heads up!)

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DJ Twisted Sister

Oh Wow – What a trip! The fathers of invention are definitely in my thoughts tonight…