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Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Tales of New Babbage, The Steampunk City, Kickstarter project…

From a lead from the lovely Miss Bookworm Heinreichs, I learned that a new New Babbage project is underway!  Titled “Tales of New Babbage, The Steampunk City”, as Mr. A. Cleanslate describes the new endeavor…

The City of New Babbage is a consensual hallucination of a steampunk city in a time that never was. Its built out of bits and prims in SecondLife (instead of bricks and plaster), but its as real a place as Paris or Mumbai. People from all over the world go there daily to build fantastic machines, fight krakens, and roleplay vast, open-ended storylines replete with mad scientists, street urchins and evil geniuses.
We also write stories. With a few exceptions, none of us are professional writers, and few write enough to generate complete works. But for all that, the stories are immensely entertaining and sometimes excellent. Weve assembled pages and pages of them and want to share them with the world.

A noble project with fantastic back story possibilities!  If one wishes to learn more about New Babbage, please visit its home website, at: http://cityofnewbabbage.com/reader/



As much as I love the virtual reality concept, and I love IMVU, it makes me sad that I cant figure out SecondLife and its inner trappings. It also appears a lot if not most of the Steampunk steam is at SecondLife!


@ Miss Thorn – Indeed, I paid IMVU a brief visit, but was dissapointed at the lack of Steampunk. However, if you wish to take another stab at New Babbage (so to speak), please do consider it – just avoid the "noob" welcome area, and head straight to New Babbage. If I can be of assistance, please do drop an mail, or pay a visit to the New Babbage website!