neo victorian and steampunk weddings

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Neo-Victorian and Steampunk Weddings…

As I was doing a bit of research today, came across an article on Steampunk Weddings in the Tampa Bay Examiner.  The piece is intriguing, as its been a while since I’ve been involved in any matrimonial endeavors (I recall my part was to show up on time – the extent of the duties for many grooms, if I might speculate), so reading about this was an eye-opener.  Additionally, Offbeat Bride has a supplemental article on Steampunk Weddings, along with nicely done wedding video of Miss Siouxzi Rodeman and Mr. Alan Donnelly’s matrimonial ceremony.  I’ve added the video below, but to read the articles, please visit:
The Tampa Bay Examiner article on Neo-Victorian and Steampunk weddings (here), and
The Offbeat Bride‘s article on Steampunk weddings (here).

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Fogwoman Gray

We saw those when we were planning our steampunk wedding, which was in October of last year.
Lots of fun stuff out there, and a great way to personalize the ceremony. Ours was done at the Museum of Radio and Electricity in Bellingham, WA. It was a perfect venue!