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Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Tea Girls – a public exhibition!

My trail regarding the Tea Girls started with a small article on IO9 the other day, titled “Hey Disney, this is the Steampunk princess movie we want!”  Needless to say, my own interest was piqued, and seeing the beautiful detail of the artwork by Mr. Brian Kesinger, was that much more of an enticement!

Walkies for Otto, by Mr. Brian Kesinger

Mind you, the art work is stunning, down to the small details to the processing on the paper, along with the very unique Steampunk touches (as above, the young lady taking her pet octopus to hydrant…), and is a treat in itself.  However, the title is what really caught my attention.  As an older male, I tend to find the Disney Princesses quite bland and boring (I’d safely say I’m not its target audience).  I asked my 7 year old niece about it, and she promptly informed me that kind of thing (Disney Princesses) were for little girls (“Barbies were more grown up”…ok, I guess).

Flight, by Mr. Brian Kesinger

Mr. Kesinger’s artwork has been seen in numerous places, and as I mentioned earlier, is breathtaking in its detail, simplicity, and genre adherence.  However, after seeing his work, to got to thinking, why not a Steampunk girl inventor series?  Of all media sources, Disney is the source that brought the cinema production of “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea” (1954), and other Steampunk stories throughout the years, I would think a Steampunk Princess series is a no-brainer.

Robot, by Mr. Brian Kesinger

To have an intelligent young lady who uses science (albeit, with Steampunk sensibilities), to solve crimes, go on adventures, or do what not, would be a sensible baseline.  Compared to some of the animated pap on the small screen, such a story most certainly be a winner, in a niche (Steampunk), that I don’t think that any other animation series has broached.  (Yes, the Airbender series had some Steampunk elements in it, but as good as that animated series was, it would be safe to say the genre is not the focus of the series.)  As Mr. Kesinger is a story artist at Disney at Walt Disney Animation Studios, he would be pretty easy to find, I’d say, and perhaps approach, regarding this?

Garden Tea Party, by Mr. Brian Kesinger

Alas, the machinations of Hollywood (and associated entertainment monoliths) are difficult to divine, but at the very least we have Mr. Kesinger’s magnificent Steampunk artwork to enjoy!  I would highly recommend following the links to the rest of the good gentleman’s work, which if you are fortuante enough to live in Los Angeles, is on display at The Hive gallery, (after you scroll past some other artists’ work), at: http://hivegallery.com/2010/news/lullabies-and-nightmares/

… and more works can be found at:
His website: http://bkartonline.com/
His blog: http://willdraw4fun.blogspot.com/
and his Facebook location, at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Brian-Kesingers-Tea-Girls/212094505475204

… and consider a bit of his artwork for your personal consumption!
Clockwork Couture has prints of works to adorn oneself, at: http://www.clockworkcouture.com/home/brian-kesinger-s-tea-girls.html

… with a few more located at WeLoveFine: http://www.welovefine.com/nby.php?c=2#/inst&id_lang=1&d=9&c=2,3,5,8,9,10&o=n&p=1

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Amanda Borenstadt

I love those pictures! 🙂


lovely illustrations

Doctor Q

I interviewed Brian a couple of weeks ago for a piece on the Chronicle as well. A great artist! http://steampunkchronicle.com/ArticleView/tabid/238/ArticleId/192/Artist-Spotlight-Tea-for-Two-with-Q-and-Brian-Kesinger.aspx

Doctor Q

I interviewed Brian a few weeks ago for the Chronicle. What a great artist! http://steampunkchronicle.com/ArticleView/tabid/238/ArticleId/192/Artist-Spotlight-Tea-for-Two-with-Q-and-Brian-Kesinger.aspx