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Friday, February 4, 2011

TempleCon, Iphone Stands, and updates…

Hello!  My apology for the absence, but alas, RL issues required attendence… but Steampunk keeps marching on!  The big event this weekend is, of course, TempleCon, which is celebrating its sixth year and growing bigger every year.  Quite heartend by this, and there seems to be a bit more of a Steampunk feel to the event (imo).  If you have the opportunity to visit Warwick, RI, this weekend, by all means don’t miss TempleCon – visit their site at: http://templecon.org/11/
Had the good fortune of received an email from a Mr. M. Lakdawala, who built a Steampunk-inspired wooden  Kinetic Iphone dock!  Quite impressive – not only a stylish stand, but it rotates from portrait mode to landscape mode, allowing it to be nicely placed on a desk or be wall mounted (as below)…
To see more about his inspring and useful project, please do visit his website, at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/465155617/kinetic-iphone-dock
Sad news… the Steampunk Home did not win the “Homies”, as it should have (not that I”m biased)!  Still, my thanks to all who helped with their votes!  The Steampunk Home may have not won that competition (their vote tally must have been hacked, I say!), but it is an integral part of the Steampunk world!
Finally, I hope to have the “mystery project” I’ve told a few people about done this weekend… its still quite rough, but I’m hoping it’ll be one more small way to promote Steampunk… so back to virtual grindstone!

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Fogwoman Gray

I did go to vote for the Steampunk Home, unfortunately the site required registration to vote – a deal killer for me.