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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Victorian Culture: Pride & Prejudice (Poll)

I had the opportunity, during a particularly enjoyable headache, to be browbeat into watch an old, old black & white movie by a family member. I grudgingly accepted, and made two surprising realizations. First, this old movie wasnt too bad, in fact, it was pretty good. Secondly, it was the 1940 version of “Pride & Prejudice”!

I must admit I was surprised, since Im not a great fan of Jane Austen (*getting ready to be pummeled by the Caledon Social Clubs combined purses and fans), but this led me into a discussion about the best version of “Pride & Prejudice” which one is the best? Ive actually seen four of the five versions, starting with:

1) 1940 Pride & Prejudice, [B&W;], with Greer Garson as “Miss Bennet” & Laurence Olivier as “Mr. Darcy”.

2) 1980 UK TV Mini-Series, with Elizabeth Garvine as “Miss Bennet”.

3) 1995 BBC Mini-Series, with Jennifer Ehle as “Miss Bennet” and Colin Firth as “Mr. Darcy”.

4) 2005 Bride & Prejudice, Indian production, with Lalita Bakshi as “Miss Bennet” and Martin Henderson as “Mr. Darcy”.

5) 2005 Pride & Prejudice, with Kiera Knightly as “Miss Bennet” and Matthew MacFayden as “Mr. Darcy”.

I realize there are more versions of “Pride & Prejudice” around, mostly early versions(1938, 1952, 1958, and 1967), but for the sake of brevity, I have only listed the most commonly played versions for the poll, with an “other category” for the aforementioned versions. I will leave voting open until the 15th of August, after which time, I shall post the results.

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Edward Pearse

I’ve not seen the 1980 version but I’ve seen the others. I still prefer the 1995 version. And it was one which seemed to start a resurgence in all things Austen. The most recent version seemed to make far too much of sex rather than class distinctions and the like. But then a lot has to be sacrificed for a movie length version.