victorian glossary part 1

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Victorian Glossary, Part 1

Reading through some of my old books led me to a glossary of Victorian terms, many of which are unique to the era. As such, I am posting them for interest sake, as one might find them useful in SL or simple RL discourse…

Aeronet: an aircraft that has a stall speed; that is, heavier than air.
Aerostat: An aircraft that has zero stall speed; that is, a lighter than air craft such as a balloon or airship.
Analytical Engine: A proposed design for a general-purpose computing engine working purely mechanically, with steam power, gears, and punched-card programming.
Antimacassar: A doily pinned to the back of a chair to protect the fabric from the macassar oil that many men wore in their hair.
Apergy: A hypothetical repulsive gravitational force.
Apoplexy: A stroke.
Barrister: A lawyer who is licensed to present cases in court.
Batman: A soldier assigned to act as a personal servant to an officer.
Bertillonage: A technique for criminal identification based on exact measurements of 11 parts of the body.
Billingsgate: Crude and abusive language, named after a district of London where fish was sold and such language was common in the streets.

I shall add more as time goes on, to complete this minor compilation.

Stoddard, W.H. (2000) – Gurps Steampunk, pg. 142, SJG:Austin
[edited for removal of game specific content]


Skusting Dagger

As promised, sir, the link to Brooklyn’s Other Museum of Brooklyn.
In particular Mrs. Sikes watercolors of Admiralty Row. Just click on the firstr house to see the rest.

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Ty, sir! I apprcitate the link to them.