victorian glossary part 4

Monday, December 31, 2007

Victorian Glossary, Part 4

Continuing with the series…

Dissenter: In England and Wales, a member of the Protestant Church no part of the Anglican hierarchy; for example, a Methodist. Dissenters were seen as lower-class, Puritanical, and often politically radical.
Dollymop: A street walker.
Dreadnought: An extremely large and heavily armored steel battleship.
Elan Vital: A “vital force” that was believed to pervade living matter.
Ether, Luminiferous: A hypothetical invisible and intangible substance filling all of space that carries light waves and other electromagnetic waves.
Eugenics: Proposals to breed human beings scientifically, to enhance desirable characteristics or eliminate undesirable ones.
Fenian: A member of an Irish organization devoted to freeing Ireland of British rule through illegal methods, sometimes including murder and terrorism.
First Floor: In Britain, the floor above the ground floor.
Heliograph: A device for sending messages across country in Morse code, using mirrors to reflect sunlight.
Ironclad: A warship with iron armor on early ironclads, mostly above the waterline to protect against other ships guns.

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[edited for removal of game specific content]

Oh, and Proserous Wishses for 2008, (aka, Year of the Rat), to all!