yet another mediocre attempt to

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Yet another mediocre attempt to denigrate Steampunk….

From what I’ve been able to ascertain from my sources, the Wild Wild West Convention in Tucson this past  weekend was a smashing success!  One would think that with such success, good press regarding the genre would follow, and though there was indeed good words spread about the gathering….

… it seems the judgmental nay-sayers desired to bray just a little bit!  Via, a “hard-hitting” piece about Steampunk attire was brought to my attention.  Titled “Seven Overdone Steampunk Fashions at the Wild Wild West Con” it is the latest “last-minute-I-need-to-push-out-something-to-justify-my-column” effort by elements of the media.  Miss Niki D’Andrea took a moment from her horticultural investigations (e.g. “Learn to make marijuana-infused foods with Baked!“; “Greenway University to hold seminar on medical marijuana“) to focus her eagle-eyed fashion sense on her perceived shortcoming of Steampunk fashions with her latest article blog entry.

Bit of a condescending piece, but again, as the genre begins to become better known, it will have to suffer the slings and barbs those who have a turned-nose dislike towards individuals simply attempting to enjoy themselves and express their creativity.  Do consider a brief read, as though many are chiming in on the article (though I have yet to see the author make a comment to respond/defend her proclamations).

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