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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Young Gentlemen Explorers – A Steampunk Kickstarter series in the making!

The newest addition to the Kickstarter series is an intriguing endeavor titled “Young Gentlemen Explorers”.  A projected live action production, it is still in its nascent stage, though plenty of planning has been completed – or as its narrative states…
The first live action Steampunk show of its kind! Set in the depression of 1893, Riley and the The Magician are freelance explorers forced into taking a job from a secret government agency in exchange for not having their pile of acculturated criminal chargers come due. Their mission is to retrieve the powerful Infinity Pistol found in one of the Grimm’s Brothers Fairy Tales before the Prussian’s do.

Now with an army of evil Prussian soldiers after them and an iron grip around them from a secret government agency, these two explores must now partner up with a beautiful Mexican artifact agent in order to find the pistol before the Prussian’s can weaponize it. Young Gentlemen Explorers has a rich Indiana Jones-like story to it with a Sherlock Holmes character dynamic all with a Steampunk ascetic. This is truly something you havent seen before!”

To learn a bit more regarding this work, do consider visiting its Kickstarter location, at:

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