adventures of baron munchausen tribute

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Adventures Of Baron Munchausen — A Tribute

Perhaps one of the classic, and most underappreciated, steampunk movies, brilliant director Terry Gilliam made this wonderful work – a Victorian gentleman and his henchmen involved with fantastic adventures! A must see!


Diamanda Gustafson

I loved this movie when I first saw it, but it’s been ages since then and I can’t remember anything other than it being so awesome! However.. was it trully a victorian setting, or rather a late 18th c.? I can’t recall to save my life..

Dr. Rafael Fabre

Well, a quinessential question (as this general topic has been bantied about the boards as of late). I promise to add my “two cents” very soon, but …
I would say that the overall sense (attire, traveling entertainers) would be (as you mentioned) the early 18th century, the generalized plot line device (involvement of a group of exceptional skills to complete an adventure) was a vehicle used in the “Pulp” era (e.g. Doc Savage), and juxtaposition of unusual technological circumstances & innovations harken to the essence of Steampunk – where airships and efficient submersibles are commonplace.
But, I promise to extrapolate further on this soon.

Diamanda Gustafson

Good, I’m looking forward for it 🙂