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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Aether Salon: Weapons!

Next weekend, the Aether Salon, hosted by Miss Viv Trafalgar, will be discussing weapons, with a special guest, the renowned Steampunk desinger and personality, Miss Ordinal Malaprop. Please do mark your calenders, as the event portends to be one of exceptional interest, as Miss Trafalgar describes…

All are welcome to join us at the Aether Salon in Babbage Palisade (located across the street from Her Dark Materials, & conveniently near the train station) for tea and a spirited discussion of: Weapons! with dangerous perilous stunning craft to follow.

We are thrilled to be able to announce at this time that our guest speaker will be Miss Ordinal Malaprop.Known for her fine production methods, exceptional scripts, attention to detail, and ability to keep danger at bay with a variety of weapons and tools, Miss Malaprop will be well armed address the current state of weaponry in our times. Or, really, anything she wants to talk about at all. We’ve seen her armory and plan to be most attentive and polite.Please bring your manners, keep your wits about you, and check your own fine examples of might and mayhem at the door. Sanus, wear a shirt.

For further information, please visit the New Babbage Ning (including a SLurl), at:

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