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Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Departure of Dame Ordinal Malaprop and more changes in New Babbage…

A photo of Dame Malaprop’s Ordinal Enterprises, on Caledon I
Hear news of the departure of one of the Steamland’s more beloved founding icons, Madam Ordinal Malaprop, from Second Life.  Unfortunatly, due to reasons which she lists on her blog (link below), she will be departing Second Life.  Not only was she one of the most recognized and respected individuals in Second Life, but her store was a unique gem among the plethora of Steampunk and Neo-Victorian stores in SL.  
The many unique goods on display, when her store was still rezzed.
Not only were her devices well designed, built, and scripted, but the maintained the humor and cleverness which (I personally) believe attracts so many to the genre.  From her Clockwork Blunderbuss and Triple Snowball Cannon, to her Bumblebee Launcher and Galvanic Sword-stick, her works always had a humorous wink towards the lighter side of Steampunk and Neo-Victoriana.  I, as many others are, sad to see her departure (her stores are down, and parcels vacent, at last reporting), and her migration to other corners of the aethernet is a sad passing – I do wish her the best on her future endeavors. 

Miss Malaprop, with her stylish Chapeau Tres Mignon Lobster hat
(From her Flickr stream, located here)
To read her insights, please visit her blog, An Engine Fit for my Proceeding”, at:
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A photo of the Gentleman’s Emporium (pre-store expansion, circa late 2007)
Addionally, a steadfast anchor of Port Babbage has pulled up his chain and begun a move elsewhere.  The Gentleman’s Emporium, one of the best men’s attire locales in New Babbage, has been removed, and last heard, Mr. Vincente Shepherd will be moving to a new location, yet to be determined.  His well-priced attire was a welcome respite in New Babbage’s early days, and I was particularly fond of his outstanding canes – for a good while, his Gaslamp cane seemed to be the unofficial accessory of all gentlemen in the City-State!  Hopefully, he will return to SL business very soon.

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