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Monday, May 26, 2008

US Memorial Day – Navy Recruitment Posters

(1918) “These men have come across”, by Xavier Leyendecker

A rememberance for Memorial day… I had originally intended to plan a few things to pay homage to US militaries when I had the Quarterdeck (way back when)… but for now I’ll have to suffice with offering a few military textures and animations as freebees.

Est. 1917, author unknown

First, I’ve always found recruting posters to be fascinating pieces of work, both artistically and memetically. Not only did they have to convey urgency to age-appropriate men to join the military (whose who wern’t drafted, anyways), but they had to be appealing and inspriring.

(1917) “America Calls”, by Joseph Leyendecker (one of my favorites)

I realize that thes are from WW1, and though there are those who was (perhaps correctly) argue that it is *technically* the Edwardian era, the influences for these posters come from the turn of the century… the Steampunk era. As such, I’ll offer them as freebees – just drop me a note card and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Not politically correct (or even correct today) but a classic illustration (Girl in Dress Blues)

Additionally, I did toy around with some military animations. I have a US salute, an attention, and a parade rest for military uses. Again, if you wish to acquire a copy, drop me a note card. I will probably not be available unil later in the day today (Monday). Have to attend to some business, but I’ll try to get back as soon as I can.

Not as colorful as the previous ones, but era specific for the Union Navy


Capt. Red Llewellyn

thank you so much for this! it totally inspired me (the 1863 one) to design the New Babbage Ladies Fire Brigade co. which i posted on the Babbage Ning last week…thank you!!!! and funny, how i was researching for inspiration and wouldn’t you know it, your excellent blog came up….kismet!
~Capt. Red

Dr. Rafael Fabre

Dear Captain,
Glad the entry was of use – I hope to eventually add more era military posters in the future!
Dr. Rafael Fabre