airship races in antiquity this weekend

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Airship Races in Antiquity this weekend!

(‘My Airship’, by Shawn Kun, Deviant Art)

Received this message during my efforts to construct an edifice..

Welcome to the second Antiquity airship race! This year, there are two classes, physical engines and non-physical engines.

Again, these crafts must be steampowered, whether that be or prop or steam jet (as long as it is steam). The first race starts at 12:30 SLT in Antiquity, on Saturday, the 22nd of November.

1st prize in both races is L$5000.

The ‘Physical Engine’ class will run first, followed by the ‘Non-Physical Engine’.

The course will be available prior to the race start.

Good luck to all!

For more information, please contact Sion Tendaze in-world.

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