airship regatta in new babbage this

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Airship Regatta in New Babbage this Weekend!

In honor of Founder’s day, New Babbage will be holding a series of airship regattas over the Vernian sea, in sporting competition and in an effort to display the newest airships and skilled captains. The ship classes will be as follows:

1) Single – ships which transport a single individual
2) Light – ships which transports two or more vehicles, with gas-bag dimensions less than 40m
3) Heavy – ships with gas-bag dimensions over 40m
4) Historical – ships designed towards historical accuracy
5) Military -ships designed for combat
6) Whimsical – ships designed with impractical or designs
7) Racing – ships intended for speed-based competitions
8) Modern – ships incorporating technologies invented after 1940

In addition, a “Stationary” class will available for ships not involved with physical movement and available for public inspection and observation.

All airship captains and enthusiasts, regardless of their skill levels are encouraged to participate. The course will begin in Port Babbage, continue down into the Vernian Sea, and return back to Port Babbage.

Registration is free, and further details regarding participation, racing rules, and a map of the course are available at the New Babbage Ning, specifically at:

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