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Friday, November 28, 2008

Airships: On a budget…

(c. Bioethermia – originally at ; now at . An excellent site, with a recent smart article on RL “Insect Jewels” – mechanical insects which are quite impressive!)

I write this small piece as the infamous US holiday of “Black Friday” takes place (that being the day in which retailers theoretically “enter the black”, or make a profit for the year.) I consider myself fortunate since I have been able to avoid standing in outrageous lines at 4am to purchase an item or two. Though saving a few dollars is always a good idea, all things considered.
Speaking of which, purchasing a full price airship can be a daunting choice for those who are undecided if they wish to indulge in Steampunk-era flight the thought of spending hard-earned lindens on what might end up being an expensive item that sits unused in inventory is a tad disappointing. That being said, there are a number of aero-vessels that are low cost (even free) that one can use to “try out”, and see if Steampunk travel is a choice that is appealing.

My goal was to locate vessels that were both era-fitting airships, and under L$50. I was fortunate to find a few offerings within the chosen parameters, and ready for one’s perusal
{My first airship, the Steam Era Paddle is quite useful little item to indulge in aero flight}

* An interesting note, Punky also has a barn for the airship car, for L$0 a smart place to keep your vehicle safe from the elements!

{A bit sparse in construction and appearance, but runs well}

{Nice appearance, but haven’t yet had the opportunity to fly it, as of this writing}

{Clever little ship, but has issues crossing sims.}

{Not a bad ship, just wish it had mod permissions}
Well, this is about as close to “Black Friday” shopping as I intend on engaging! Please do provide feedback if you have tried any of these ships, or if you know of other, easily available (and inexpensive) ships that can be used to entice budding new airship captains!


Ilsa Munro

At the risk of sounding self-aggrandizing, my “It” might also fit the bill.

I call her the “It” because she defies easy categorization. Imagine the unlikely offspring of a union between a steam engine, a ceiling fan, and a comfy chair. Oh, with twin Vickers machine guns, just in case.

The “It” can be had at Caledon Oxbridge, or my Mad Girl Munro shop – Caledon Cape Wrath ( for the princely sum of nothing at all.

Dr. Rafael Fabre

Dear Miss Murno – Ty, madam! I shall add your “It” to the main page – I especially like the fact that it has … defensive options (lol), aside from the price!
Again, ty!

Capt. Red Llewellyn

Brilliant article Dr. Fabre! and if we could see a picture of the "IT" it would be lovely! i have been an unabashed fan of Miss Munroes designs for ages! (and no, i was not stalking her at her shop, it was merely browsing!) ahem! thank you for your excellent & thrifty scholarship!
~Capt. Red

Dr. Rafael Fabre

Dear Captain,
Say no more – the next article pays her shop a visit!
Dr. Rafael Fabre