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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Airships: Wicked Kitty Industries

Port view of WKI’s flagship vessel, the Ragnarock

A while back, I had the opportunity to meet an up-and-coming airship designer, a Miss SimplyAmy Iwish, the proprietress of “Wicked Kitty Industries” (WKI). After a bit of correspondence regarding airships and associated topics, I had the opportunity to visit one of her establishments and see some of her work first-hand.
I very intrigued with her efforts, as I am always interested in new designs and concepts associated with Steampunk. Though she has six ships in her fleet, I had the pleasure to driving three ships in specific.

The FF Hammer

The first ship I tried was the FF Hammer, a single seat, fighter-type of ship. At first glance, it may appear to have a modern style, but it has a number of small details that provide a Steampunk-esque twinge.
The brass afterburner, and the “wings” are very nice Steampunk touches
I gave it a fly-about in Caledon Middlesea, and the controls for the Wicked Kitty Industry ships are a tad different than other ships. After one sits in the pilot seat, and activates the flying option (/1on), a menu can be activated by touching the central flight control stick (located directly in front of the pilot), though the flight controls can be controlled via traditional arrow keys.
“Ready for Takeoff” in Caledon Middlesea!
I tend to prefer using an exterior view (vice a pilot view again, which can be changed via the menu), but regardless of the view, the FF Hammer is a satisfying single-seat aircraft.

~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~
The Lolite
Next, a multi-passenger ship, the Lolite is a mid-way vessel, able to carry a small party instead of a single individual, but not too large to control or manage. Making my way to Caledon Lionsgates impressive skyport, I was able to not only test its controls (similar to FF Hammers, insomuch as the central flight stick provides a multi-option menu), but take some more pictures of its interior.

Interior view of the cockpit, and passgenger seating (and the massive cavorite engine just behind the pilot!)

The Lolite has a central captains seat, and two couches for passengers to relax in, while one flight about in this vessel. To enter the vessel, one can either “sit” (much too boring), or open the entrance gang-plank, (which is operated via touching the top portion of the center glass of the bow of the ship). The two lights to either side will either lock or unlock the position of the plank (good for photos shot also, I assume).
View to the entrance of the Lolite
~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~
The Ragnarock, prior to take off…
(just outside Antiquity’s newest Steampunk stronghold, Antiquity Citadel)
Finally, the Ragnarock, Version 2, is most certainly an outstanding airship. With its spacious double-deck construction (an open topside deck, and a lower enclosed cabin), a single open-air command seat for the captain, and plenty of seating, it would seem to reign as the pinnacle of the WKI fleet. Making my way back to Antiquity Township East, I decided to give it a “look over”.
Three-quarter, port side view of the airship, showing the spaciousness of this beauty!
I would gather most interaction would take place in the open air topside area, with five passenger seats in addition to the captains chair, provide plenty of opportunity to exit and return at will for a good number of associates.
Smartly scooting along the skies of Antiquity
Also, as a trademark of her fleet, are the impressively large engine and afterburner, standing out from other of its contemporaries of similar size, along with nice “propulsion” effects (a thrust for above water, and bubbles for underwater exploration) and companion sound effects.

A view of the lower cabing of the Ragnarock, showing its seating and meeting table
In fact, not only is a means of conveyance, but it can also function as a domicile for those who wish more portable living quarters. To access the lower cabin, simply activate the folding ladder, and entrance into the classically designed cabin is provided. Its lower cabin has a front opening door to exit via the front of the ship, central seating around a classic globe, and plenty of space to move about in the cabin.
~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~

One minor issue is being addressed, which is a modification for certain sims that tend to be a bit dogmatic about maintenance of a “Steampunk” appearance. In light of this, she is working on developing “genre-specific” modifications, to easily traverse said areas in style, though one is able to mod the textures oneself to meet the same criteria.
Well, I’m off! Please do have a good weekend, and ensure you visit WKI in-world!
Needless to say, Miss SmiplyAmy Iwish and her Wicked Kitty Industries are certainly one of the newest stars in the airship world, and I look forward to her future endeavors!


SimplyAmy Iwish

Thank you very much Dr for the kinds words I welcome anyone with questions to message /drop me a note card if intrested in any of my 6 currently available works or the ones i havent quite got posted on slx or vendors yet. Comming soon i will be taking part in Miss Fauve Aeons auction to support the SLglobe theatre