happy halloween rez day to breezy

Monday, October 31, 2011

A Happy Halloween Rez-Day to Breezy!…

In addition to the 31st of October being Halloween, a day to lavish youth with excessive amounts of sugary goods (to vex their parents for with sugar highs for the next few weeks), today is also the rez-day (akin to a birthday in Second Life), of my lovely partner, Miss Breezy Carver-Fabre.  As the long time resident of New Babbage, not only is she the force behind what might very well be Second Life’s most consistently successful social events (the Piermont Balls), but the hard working editrix of Virtually Classic Fashions, a SL blog that focuses on classic Steampunk and Dieselpunk fashions.

Happy 4th rez day, Breezy!


Breezy Carver

Big Smile (( thank YOU Dearest Rafael )) .. blushes .. a bit !

Bookworm Hienrichs

Thats right! I do hope you had a wonderful rezday, Breezy!