amazing bash in steelhead

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sparks Ball in Steelhead – Congratuations to the Baron Klaus Wulfenbach and the Europan Consulate

Europan embassy, with the Barons’ Flagship located nearby

Though I missed the initial gathering, Steelhead (and Caledon, and other locations) were abuzz with the Sparks Ball taking place at the Consulate. I did stop in, but it was so popular, I would say it was weighted down with lag from the throng of visitors and well-wishers taking part in the celebration!

The dance floor after a momentary respit from the dancers

Too many people to list individually, so… I took the easy way out of the predicament

Congratulations, Baron! Looking forward to the consulate’s second year, sir!

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Baron K. Wulfenbach

Ah, the burdens of paperwork, keeping me from such pleasant wishes as yours in a more timely fashion. Danke, Herr Doktor. I appreciate you fighting the popularity of the event to celebrate with us nonetheless.