astounding masquerade ball

Sunday, October 19, 2008

An Astounding Masquerade Ball!

The Masquarde ball dancing began from the early evening….

Once again, Mr. Skusting and Miss Carver held an impressive (easliy measured by the lag), and stellar event that is quickly proving to be a regular sensation in SL Steampunk and Neo-Victorian circles! The official visitor count for the event has not been released, but I would easily estimate that it surpasses last month’s Engineers Ball.

… yet was still a thriving event late into the night!

The Mr. and Missess have done a yeoman job in holding the ball, and I am not certain how they can surpass this endevor, but I am certainly looking forward to the next event!

For further details and photographs regarding the Masquarde Ball, please visit:


Ceejay Writer

It was indeed a lovely event! I didn’t see you there, Rafael… and isn’t that the point? I may have seen you but not known it! Mystery and hidden identities, oh I loved it so.

Skusting Dagger

I nearly collapsed this morning when Breezy read me this visitors list. An astounding 86! Dagger goes off in search of a double shot of rye…

Dr. Rafael Fabre

To Mr. Dagger – Eighty six! An amazing record, sir! Nothing short of impressive, a standard which is forcing me to find new superlatives to describe the stupendous events at Piermont Landing, sir – Kudos to you and the Missus!
To Miss Writer – Oh, I was there madam, but with the increase in popularity came the inevtiable lag. Still a small price to pay for such an outstanding event!