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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Brass Goggle kits from Borg Steam Factory (coming soon!…)

While researching an article for a bit later, I came across a unique kit which address a perennial issue vexing may a Steampunk enthusiast.  Brass Goggle (the accoutrement, not the forum) are essentially iconic with the genre, but finding a good pair is a challenge.  One sees beautiful sets in photo shoots, or perhaps even at a convention, but as far as having a unique set of your own…. that might be a bit expensive, to put it mildly.  Finding a pair of welding goggles and applying a bit of paint has been the most common course of action – but perhaps not in the future….

Via the Steampunk Empire, I came across a very interesting item that a company named Borg Steam Factory is proposing to do – provide basic DIY brass goggle kits!  As posted on The Empire by the Architect, the kits will provide the basic necessities to either allow mass construction (say, if you had a necessity for a group with a unique style of goggles), or simply allow a DIY project to produce the brass goggles you’ve always yearned for!
A custom designed “Nemo” set of brass goggles

Not sure exactly when they will be available for purchase, but I’m imagining that it will be sometime in the near future (based on what I’ve divined from their website).  Still, if you have an image in your cranium of the perfect set of goggles, or simply need a few pieces to finish/fix your current set (they do sell parts as well), do pay the Borg Steam Factory, at: , or go directly to their goggles site, at: !

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