bruce boxleitners lantern city

Monday, July 16, 2012

Bruce Boxleitner’s Lantern City

Although word on the street about Lantern City has been meandering about, and there have been some longitudinal hints at Steampunk in the mainstream media, from the write-up of Lantern City, it may have the potential of becoming one of the leverages that brings Steampunk to the general masses (ideally beyond the “generic human interest” stories, that is – ideally a more deserved respectable presentation).  There is plenty to explore at the website for the endeavor, which as far as I can ascertain, is currently in development, but there is a forum, pre-production photos, and a number of other items to see.  As to not belabor the narrative, I would certainly recommend a visit, which can be accommodated by following this handy link:


Kim Munson

It sounds like a really interesting project. I just posted an interview with Matthew Daly, the writer of Lantern City on my blog. I met him at San Diego Comic Con.

Virgil Tate

Much potential. I registered on the Lantern City site after some contact at NY ComiCon last Friday.

Could be a historic breakthrough for the Steampunk genre.

Kudos to Bruce and team!